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Triplefire Music resident Helmut J and founder Ryan Sullivan come together to display their love for dub techno on The Black Series. The two artists regularly showcase this sound when they dj back to back and Helmut J’s personally curated Thrum Room podcast series is a highly respected brand, upholding the genre in Southern Africa.

Distant Communication is a studio project taken on without meeting in person but rather developing ideas separately via the internet. It’s a strange approach for two artists and close friends living in the same city which is the point according to Ryan Sullivan who says “we wanted to see what we could come up with while collaborating but working apart. It allowed us to experiment and play with sounds we otherwise may not have due to the fact that in person we would have influenced each others decisions in a different way. This allowed us to basically remix each others ideas throughout the entire project and we’re real excited about the outcome.”

DCOM comes in two parts along with an additional remix from Helmut J.


TFMD053 Black Series - Six